Home Fries

A blend of peppers, onions and potatoes seared on our hot skillet Full or Half Tray

Breakfast Wrap Platter

5 Jumbo flour tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, Trenton pork roll, melted American cheese, and crispy tater tots then toasted on our griddle, sliced into 20 pieces, served with maple syrup and fresh fruit

Buttermilk Pancakes

A tray of 20 homemade fluffy buttermilk pancakes cooked on the griddle & served with syrup

Cinnamon French Toast

A tray of 20 thick cut slices of Texas toast dipped in our homemade batter of fresh eggs, vanilla, cinnamon & sugar then griddled, topped with powdered sugar and served with syrup


Our signature homecooked rice Full or Half Tray


Your choice of broccoli & garlic, or mixed vegetables Full or Half Tray


Your choice of regular, crinkle cut, shoestring, or tater tots Full or Half Tray

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